Saturday, 21 August 2010

Polish Match Race Tour

After spending the whole day on a boat, we are spending the evening on a .. .. .. boat! Taking the tour on the lakes around our venue in Poland: Gizycko. The mood on board is very good, although a bit loud. These polish guys and girls sure know how to drink. The vodka is on every table! We spend the day match racing and did fifteen flights. For us as umpires it was a long day but nevertheless it's a fine evening and worth the trip. In this grade 3 there are only some surprises by the rookie match race sailors, but even their level is very good in boat handling. As the only IU I'm currently also chump, something I did not expect, but there you are. With a team of four umps it's not that hard a job anyway. More later. - [Written on my phone and later edited on the blog]


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