Tuesday, 18 May 2010

FTBD (29)&(30)

Double billing this month, since I neglected to present the whip to you last month. I'm open to suggestions as always on this 18th of the month. And if you want to comment on the site, please go ahead.

I'm off to do another couple events tomorrow - first Match Race Germany in Langenargen and then the Delta Lloyd Regatta back home in Medemblik. Both as an umpire for Match Racing. Besides having a good time and enjoying myself, I have set two learning goals. Better communication during rule transitions and better prediction on what is going to happen in the match.
You can have a look at these events on: http://www.matchrace.de/en/home.php & http://www.deltalloydregatta.org/

I'm bringing my laptop so hopefully I can also find some time in writing long overdue posts about your Q&A's.

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  1. Dear Jos;
    Have a nice trip and exciting job, but I think the trip is too close to your house.
    I will be on the road in two overseas regattas after two years.

    Singapore Optimist Open Championship, Singapore National Byte CII Championship,
    15th - 19th June 2010
    The regatta is on large scale and had 234 boats last year. The Byte CII is a class in the first Youth Olympic Games, July 18th-26th.
    Then more sailors and countries will be expected to enter this year. My role is a judge.

    Sailing Championship devoted to Vladivostok 150 Anniversary,
    1st – 4th July 2010
    Vladivostok is Russia's largest port city on the Japan Sea and Russia acquired from Chine in 1860.
    China, Korea and Japan teams are invited, including Russia. My role is not fixed yet, a head coach or a judge.
    http://sfyc.ru/en/about/about-yacht-clab/ (in Russian)
    Sen Yamaoka/ Japan


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