Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Match Racing with Extreme 40s

Yesterday we did some Match Racing with the Extreme 40 in Almeria.
I must admit I had quite some expectations about this. What would it be like in terms of manoeuvrability, with the slow tacking and the accelerations these big catamarans can generate? Would we be able to keep up?

Unfortunately the wind was very low, maybe 4-5 knots, and that restricted the speed and manoeuvrability severely. All dail-ups where greened as Port did everything it could after SB initiated the collision.
Also every boat that won the controlling position at the start, ended up winning the match.

In the three matches only one penalty was given. And that was for a boat interfering with another one, on a different leg of the course - and that boat was not sailing on her proper course.

There was also a big difference between skippers with match racing experience and skippers without. ETNZ beat her opponent quite easily, for instance. Match Racing is primarily a tactics game, still

You can have a look yourselves on the ESSE Website Video page

All in all not very exciting, I must admit. Less then expected. Hopefully that will change with a little more breeze. The group sailing was spectacular in 15-20 knots. More on that later.


  1. Here's another question related to 61.1(a):

    Since the protesting boat is required to fly a protest flag, is the protested boat able to ignore a hailed protest when a flag is not flown? Does it matter if the protested boat believes itself guilty or not or is not sure?

  2. Firstly, in match racing there is no requirement to hail ‘Protest’ (rule C6.1)

    In fleet racing:

    * If you know you have broken a rule you must promptly take a penalty, which may be to retire (Basic Principle Sportsmanship and the Rules).

    * Conversely, if you are in doubt about whether you have broken a rule or not you are not obliged to take any penalty.

    * If you do not take a penalty under rule 44 on the water, if there is a valid protest, you may be penalised in a protest hearing after the race.


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