Monday, 25 October 2010

LTW Umpire Call (9)

An umpire call send to me by Philippe Gomez. He wrote in his mail:
Attached a situation witch occurred during training with some good sailors. Nobody agreed on the decision

Yellow, inside right leeward at the zone
Blue is faster, breaks the overlap and is able to gybe in front (position 2,3)
Yellow touches the mark on her own in pos 3, then bears off sharply and collision occurs with Blue (pos 4),
The U are satisfied that touching the mark was not due to Blue not giving room;
The U are satisfied that there was not  room enough for Yellow to round in pos 4;

There's a Yankee flag on both boats. What is your decision?
  • answer 1: display blue flag AND yellow and red flag
  • answer 2: display ONLY yellow and red, because its the same rounding incident
  • answer 3: display the net result of double penalty for Blue and single for yellow,  ie: blue flag in absence of outstanding penalties
  • answer 4; display only yellow and exonerate Blue if it was impossible for Yellow to catch Blue without pushing the mark.
I'll refrain from commenting until a few of yours are in.


  1. As you describe it, yellow hitting the mark was one incident, unconnected with the question of mark room. It is hard to see that yellow gained a controlling position as a result of hitting the mark, so yellow flag, no red.

    Blue did not give mark room. She did not gain a contolling position. If she had given mark room from position 3 she would still have looked good. Blue flag, no red. Penalties cancel.


  2. Don't agree with Wag. Looks like Blue didn't give room AND as a result got a controlling position plus caused contact I see two fouls for blue plus a red. One foul for yellow only for hitting mark. Can't see that yellow could have avoided contact.

  3. Given the fact that the umps conclude that blue gave room before the mark contact, I would give a Yellow pen for hitting the mark. Then blue didn't give Yellow room to sail her proper course while at the mark (ie: just bear off to a downwind course), pen blue (no red). (off setting)

  4. Yellow penalty for hitting mark as it was not the result of mark room not being given.
    Blue penalty at position 3 for Blue failing to give mark-room (roo for Yellow to sail proper course while at the mark).
    Blue penalty at position 4 rule 16 Blue luffs hard and does not give room for Yellow to keep clear.
    No red flags as no change of control as a result of the incidents.

  5. Sorry for the delay..
    Guys .. in my opinion the overlap never was broken...


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