Thursday, 27 January 2011

Everything happens for a reason.

Dear fellow Judges, Umpires, Sailors, Officials & Blogreaders,

After a prolonged period of silence on this blog I’ve decided to pick up the pen again and will try to publish interesting post about the rules on a regular basis.

As loyal followers know, I lost my job in November last year and have been contemplating since then what to do next. My working life is still short of a dozen or so years, but to go for an eight to five job again – if at all available in these times – did not appeal to me, at all.

In the last years I already reduced my hours so that I could go to events, national and abroad. I did not want to loose that – preferably increase the events if possible. But earning a living by being a Judge and Umpire?

After some soul-searching and sleepless nights, I’ve now decided to at least try to go in that direction. By combining my skills as a judge and umpire with my professional skills.

I’ll try to get permission to start a consultancy business based on those two “legs”. Trying to earn money as a skilled civil engineer on a job to job basis, combined with lectures, advice and service about the Racing Rules of Sailing. And going to events as a judge, umpire or race officer.

Currently I’m writing a business-plan and looking into all the legal, financial and other issues. I’ve - at least on paper – to show if it is viable. It will also mean I have to look at my expenses – and try to find a reduction on that side.

I’ve landed my first job as a consultant and will try to go to most of the Extreme Sailing Series  - events. (They at least pay a small umpire fee.)


For all those who have mailed me and asked or commented about the lack of activity or asked rules-questions: My sincere thanks for your interest and apologies for not answering. I hope you will be visiting LTW again and will find “stuff” you like, so I can make it up to you.


Sometimes you need some help to convince yourselves your doing the ‘right’ thing. Last month I’ve been appointed in the Dutch Appeal Committee and did my first meeting on Monday January 17th as a member.

I’m going to Qingdao in China in April for Act two in the Extreme Sailing Series!


For me the ‘decider’ came this week; A letter from ISAF appointing me to the International Jury for the Olympic Test Event - 2011 in the first two weeks of August in Weymouth, Great Britain.

Everything happens for a reason……



  1. Thanks for the update. Have missed your counsel. Good luck! - Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt

  2. Dear Jos;
    I am waiting eagerly for you to come back.
    Far away from Japan.

  3. Jos, have missed you.. I understand what you are going through, am still struggling to find my place in the world, and a job, after being laid off some 18 months ago... great to see you have a direction, and that it seems that you have landed on your feet.. good luck !
    Best Regards, Alastair

  4. Hi Jo,

    ;-) welcome back....... really nice to have you back.... and wish you do have a lovely balance between your dreams and you duty..... best wishes.... cheers.

  5. Nice to hear from you again.
    Sounds like you've made a good call; follow your heart.

  6. Welcome back. So many of us have missed you. Several of your readers emailed me to ask if I had news of you as they worried about your prolonged silence. Thanks for the update on your personal situation. Good luck in your new ventures.

  7. Hi Jos,

    Good that you found your proper course! And it suits you that you've been to be so decicive about these things, being an Umpire and all :)

    Congratulations about your appointment to the Olympic Test Event, another sport up the ladder for your international Race Official career.

    I hope everything works out the way you want it but I have no doubt you have the necessary skills and will do your absolute best.



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