Friday, 15 April 2011

ESS 2011; Act 2; Qingdao, CHINA; day 1&2

This morning, (Friday) I finally managed to get to my blog. In China social media like blogger, Facebook and twitter are still restricted by the sensors. By using a proxy server on someone else's computer, I'm circumventing them by logging onto the internet "outside" China.

We have been racing in Qingdao for two days outside the harbour in Fusan-bay. Roughly on the same spot where the medal-races were held in the 2008 Olympics. Qingdao is a Sailing City indeed. Big buildings for the club and lots and lots of access to the water with facilities for public to watch the show. I'll snap some pictures today and upload them, hopefully tomorrow.

The Chinese are pulling out all the stops and have turned the former Olympic harbour into the Extreme Sailing Harbour.

Racing has been good. Enough wind to do six races each day on a upwind-downwind course. Tomorrow we'll be doing "stadium"-style racing inside the harbour.

Most penalties were at the start (pin-end) and the upwind mark. We are keeping a tight grip on things because the "heat" is on. This years group of eleven are all (with maybe one or two exceptions) in it, to win!

I'm afraid my plan to fill the empty hours with catching up on the blog is not going to be possible due to the restricted access. I'm very sorry, but the comments on Fact Finding Friday Animation 11.4 will have to wait another week.

I'll try to post a few incidents if they are of interest, nevertheless.

You can catch up on the racing at:



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