Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Batavia Stad NK Match Racing 2012

We will have a National (open) Championship in Match Racing this year! Hooray!

The last time in the Netherlands was in 2009. Mostly because of the efforts of Team Heiner who instigated the Winterseries and due to the fact that Lelystad wants to become 'a Sailing City', they found each other and more importantly - a sponsor.

Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet has agreed to sponsor the event for a couple of years. That's of course great news. The sailing community in the Netherlands has never been very keen on Match Racing in the past - this looks like an ideal point in time to 'turn the tide'.

There are four J109 available for the matches and eight teams have been invited to participate:

  • Jurjen Feitsma NED (43); 
  • Jan Mattsson FIN (59); 
  • Jeroen den Boer NED (82); 
  • Lars Hückstädt GER (87); 
  • Roy Heiner NED (491); 
  • Persijn Brongers NED (552); 
  • Stephan La Grouw (Team Chatel Reizen) NED (700); 
  • Pieter Heerema NED (957)
Four of those have a ranking in the top 100.

It will be a close battle - provided we have enough wind - because almost all of them have sailed the J109s before.
With a new branding in black and white it should be a sight to see:

And the OA is really pulling out all the stops to make it a great event. With a complete pier dedicated for public access next to the sailing area, commentators to explain the standings and sailing, playground for the kiddies and - courtesy of the sponsor - a complete village for the rest of the family, to go shopping.

I will be there as CU in a team of six umpires.

To all my Dutch Readers (and everybody else who has the opportunity):

Please come to Lelystad, Batavia Stad
on the 21th and/or the 22nd of April 2012
to watch the matches!

Admittance (including Ferry) is free and Dutch Match Racing could use your support.

Have a look at the Batavia Stad NK Match Racing facebook page to learn more.


  1. Great!
    The boat design reminds me a little of last years Container, no?

    Wishing you good luck and a great event!



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