Sunday, 12 July 2009

Berlin Woman Match Race 2009 | 3

And the final day was done in a flash.
All flights sailed, all penalties done, prize-giving completed and the winner announced!
These three days have gone in a flash. I enjoyed it very much.

Yesterday I already told you about the summer party that was planned for that evening. Well, actually, it was a great success. With a good live band, nice food, good drinks and good company we "stayed and partied" until the next day... It was a little later than I planned, I found my pillow around one in the morning...

Today we sailed for places 7/8, 5/6 in a knock out
We did the Semi-Finals: winner was the first to win 3 points and the of course the petit finals and the finals... Because of time limits we had to shorten those to first to win two points.

While I was umpiring the second petit final I had a contact which was a first for me. The trailing boat rounded quite close behind at the first windward mark and followed the leading boat.
While pulling out the gennaker-pole that pole hit the back-shroud ....
Yankee flag, with contact... Not very difficult: the trailing boat had to keep clear under rule 12.
Penalty on her. But it was surprising to me. Something to watch for, next time I'm umpiring with boats who have retractable poles!

Boarding call has gone out, we leave in 20 minutes.


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