Saturday, 11 July 2009

Berlin Woman MR 2009 | 2

Another long day on the water, fourteen flights.
We finished group B round robin and also did the quarter final round robin (again with eight boats).
It was very exciting and sometimes very close. A lot of pre-starts with many Yankee flags.

I will have to look at the equipment rules.
In rule C73(a) the requirement for a boat taking a penalty is to have the head of the spinnaker below the main-boom goose-neck from the time she passes head to wind until she's on a close hauled course. Something every umpire misses a couple of times before he learns to look for it. But what about a gennaker? The rule says specifically a spinnaker, not down-wind sail or any other description..
I'll have to check the equipment rules to find a definition: Is a gennaker only an asymmetrical spinnaker? Is it even defined... ?

Now I'm getting changed and going to the "sommerfest" they are having here tonight. More then a 1000 guests (members of two clubs who jointly organise this biannually) are expected.. All outdoor, so we all hope the rain will not fall....




  1. Difference between a Spinnaker and a headsail.

    Shown in rule 50.4

    50.4 Headsails
    The difference between a headsail and a spinnaker is that the midgirth of a headsail, measured from the mid-points of its luff and leech, does not exceed 50% of the length of its foot, and no other intermediate girth exceeds a percentage similarly proportional to its distance from the head of the sail. A sail tacked down behind the foremost mast is not a headsail.

  2. SB3 Class rules and other documents refer to 'spinnaker' NOT 'gennaker'.

    Looks like there is no question about it.

  3. Hi, Jos,
    See Definitions, Section G, Subsection A:
    "Spinnaker" also applies to "gennaker".
    Good races, all the best


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