Thursday, 2 July 2009

iShares Cup 2009 Hyeres | Departure

It has been some time since I last posted. In Kiel we made long days after the Match Race as well. Out on the water for rule 42 and red flag and - once ashore - almost straight into protest hearings or arbitration. I did not find the time to sit down and write anything sensible, let alone surf the net to find new and interesting things about the rules.
I use a feedreader to follow the many blogs I'm subscribing to and the number now only says: 1000+ unread messages.. We drove back home Sunday evening and Monday in the office the work had of course piled up. What else can you expect after nine days…. Several planned meetings on Monday-, Tuesday- and Wednesday evenig prevented me from writing blog….. I do hope you can forgive me..
I'm sitting at the Rotterdam airport waiting so I can board flight HV6081 to Toulon/Hyeres. It's now 17:54
I'm going there to umpire in the second iShares cup in 2009. I'm counting on a decent connection and an hour or so free time in the mornings, so I can catch up - not only with blogging but also with mails, whom I - save urgent ones - had to ignore.
Some of have asked to see the SI's and I managed to get a set on-line: iShares SI 2eAmm

On the judges front I received an E-mail from ISAF to remind me that I will have to renew my application for International Judge. Time has flown by… it is already four years. The E-mail described a new application system. I will have to fill in a n on-line pdf-form with all relevant information and then submit that to ISAF. I did have a look and I can't save the form on my computer so I could fill it in at my leisure… I can only print it.
I'll have to do that and then find and gather all information before I - it has to be done in one sitting - fill in the electronic form.
There are a few footnotes which I do not yet understand.. I'll come back to those...

I am also preparing some issues left over from Kiel. Interesting protests and discussion, I hope.
There's one where a boat is keeping clear but not giving mark-room - at least that is what I think.

Watch this space.

(PS: this has been published as soon as I was able to get on-line - which was at the airport actually, after all)


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