Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Flog the Blog Day (21)

Since I shamelessly didn't post regularly last month, FTB-Day was missed as well.
You will search in vain for FTBD (20). Perhaps you can wield your cane twice as hard this time?

I've been contemplating stopping altogether - just didn't have the inspiration any more. Found it hard to write and generally didn't open a rulebook unless absolutely necessary. But I had a good "Sneekweek" with a nice team and now the vacations are over, I'm getting into a more steady routine again. Which also includes blogging....

I'm not promising anything - probably won't post daily any more - but I'll do my best to put up some interesting stuff, a little more regularly.

You can help with this. Please don't hesitate to send in your cases or photo's or situations or whatever. To start of: I received a link from one of my fellow umpires from Kielweek. I've downloaded the video. (Thanks Manuel!)

It shows a match with the new Elliot 6's during the Kiel week event. You can see Boguslaw and me in the umpire boat. The video shows a not very spectaculor race - something the spectators might find disappointing - but for us as umpires it's hard enough to be in the right place all the time and after so many flights per day - we had days with 15 fligths - hard enough to keep concentrated. I think we did okay in this one.


  1. Hi Jos,

    I'm not surprised you are somewhat exhausted.

    You have put in a huge amount of effort over the last couple of years in creating LTW, which is now, thanks to your 'good-webkeeping' with indexing and tagging and so on, an absolutely invaluable resource, even if it becomes a little less lively.

    I, also have been a little quiet. I found writing Fact Finding Friday quite taxing, and I wanted a little rest. I've also just finished the Sydney to Southport race, a 500 nm coasttal race, in the opposite direction to the Sydney to Hobart, so I've 'had a bit on'. I'm now off on four weeks holiday with my lovely wife to Scandinavia (regrettably not via Sneek, so I won't get to meet you this year).

    May I make one suggestion: I know that you are proud of the quality of LTW, and have always wanted to keep control of what gets posted, but surely checking and editing every responding post is unnecessairly time-consuming, and when you go away or are indisposed causes back-logs.

    May I suggest that you turn off the 'control by blog owner' setting, and enable the 'display posts direct' facility on the blog, so that when people post responses, they display directly, without waiting for you to release them.

    I am sure that this would save you much time, and that posters can be trusted with posting constructively and helpfully.

    Oh, and by the way, have you found any way we can post TSS or other graphics directly in or with blog responses?

  2. A completely different issue.

    How about taking the elaborate graphics link to the UK Halsey link off the page.

    It makes my page very slow to load, and causes the screen to skip around every time I reload/follow an internal link.

    How about a simple url, or maybe a static gif with a link, instead of the elaborate one.

  3. Thanks Brass.
    I will think about both issues. Comments are not that much work, I only have to be able to go on-line to approve them. Spam is minimal and can be deleted if necessary.
    I've put the UK-Halsey gadget already lower so that the posts load before that...
    But I will definitely consider both your suggestions.


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