Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Static v Animation

During the SNEEKWEEK we used Boat Scenario from Thibaut Gridel to assist us in drawing situations.
I asked the team to give me some feedback about it's usage and possible some pointers for Thibaut.

Most of them had not seen the program before and we took a half an hour to go to the possibilities in the beginning of the week. Practically all picked up the skill to draw a fairly accurate digram during the rest of the event. But to be absolutely correct in a difficult protest does take more time then is usually available.
Perhaps we only need to use it more to get the skill to do it quickly?

Second point to improve is the possibility to draw boats who sail 'by the lee'. That cannot (yet) be done and is sometimes needed in a situation.

The wind is always coming from the top of the page. Personally I don't think that is a problem, but there were others who wanted to be able to put in their own wind direction or turn the diagram...

I think it is a very useful to be able to draw with a program like Boat Scenario. In a couple of cases it was a big help to let the sailors see what we found as facts...

Let's see how you do with the two following images: one static and one animated:

click on the picture to get the animation

Leave a comment if you spot who's breaking a rule.


  1. You can draw boats by the lee in this program. Press Shift > and Shift <.

  2. The blue boat changed tack when approaching a mark and caused the yellow boat to sail above close-hauled. Rule 18.3 (a)

  3. @ Anonymous.
    Thanks, are there more of these commands?
    Perhaps I should ask Thibaut to make page with all his shortcuts?

    @ Jan
    You are correct!
    But to stay within the terminology of the rules:
    The Blue boat was subject to rule 13 within the zone and caused the Yellow boat to sail above close-hauled.

  4. does rule 18 even apply since the boats were on 'opposite tacks on a beat to windward.'(18.1a) Rule 13should apply.

  5. I just feel so smart now after participating in Fact Finding Friday. So I would like to answer Anonymous question about rule 13 applying, hoping my foot does not end up in my mouth.

    Rule 13 does apply when boats are in the zone, as do all the Part 2 Section A and Section B rules.

    But in the incident described the blue boat does not break 13 because she has kept clear of yellow until she reached a closehauled course and 13 is then turned off.

    Rule 18 does not initially apply since the boats are on opposite tacks on a beat to windward. But when blue passes head to wind both boats are now on the same tack and rule 18 kicks in even though the boats are already in the zone.

    With rule 18 now applicable, and because blue is completing her tack in the zone, she is “subject” to rule 13 in the zone and then when she causes yellow to sail above close hauled, she breaks 18.3(a).

  6. Your comments about documentation for Boats are welcome!

    Documentation has a page of its own on the Boat Scenario website at boats.berlios.de


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