Saturday, 19 September 2009

Umpire Seminar GBR 18-22 Nov 2009

One of the judges at this event told me that the Umpire Seminar in November in the UK will be the very first TEAM Race Umpire Seminar. I've published about upcoming seminars a couple of days ago, but had no idea this was such an unique event.

Since one of my goals this winter is to learn more about Team-race umpiring, I'm very tempted to go. I want to see how they do it, across "the pond" in the UK, a team race nation if there ever was one. The reason I have this goal is that the umpire system we use in one of the few team race events we do have here in the Netherlands (Five against five with 'Regenbogen' in Holland-Friesland), is no longer working. The action is getting so tight and fast and the sailors are getting so good in there rules-knowledge, that simply following the boats of one team with five umpire boats is not enough to be in the right places at the right times. We are missing too much. Perhaps I can learn something to use next year.

I'm surprised this wasn't advertised with big letters on the ISAF site. At the moment the entry stands at 6. Not enough.

There are a couple of snags.
First one is that the deciding date is Monday the 21st. If by then enough people have entered (minimal 10 persons) the seminar will be held, if not, it will be cancelled. So I need to decide in a couple of days. I can't check about free days at work before Monday, so that is cutting it close.
I've already send in an Email expressing my interest, so I hope they will give me the time to decide.

Second snag is the costs. I'm already an Umpire - don't need another seminar to become one. But to attend I need to pay 375 pounds for the seminar. Add flights (Schiphol - Heathrow), bus to Oxford, Bed&Breakfast for five days, parking at Schiphol and travelling to the airport by car, the total cost runs up just short of a thousand Euro. That is very expensive for a bit of education.

The seminar instructors will be Jack Lloyd and John Doerr, two of the best Team-race umpires. I'm sure I can get a lot out of those two.
I better start checking flights and B&B's.....
To be decided...

In the meantime: If you want to go yourself? Click on the link:
18 Nov 09 - 22 Nov 09; International Umpire Seminar, Great Britain
Oxford Sailing Club, Great Britain.

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  1. Jos,

    several IU Team Racing Seminars were organised in the past, the last in Auckland 2003.



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