Tuesday, 1 September 2009

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Don't change the channel, it IS about the rules!
Received by E-mail on 31/08/09 from David Dellenbaugh:

Hi, I hope you’ve been having a great summer of racing!

I’m writing this note because you purchased the 2005-2008 version of Learn The Racing Rules (thanks!), and I want to let you know that we just finished the new 2009-2012 edition!

Learn The Racing Rules for 2009-2012 is a completely new two-part DVD set. It uses new sailing demonstrations, racing footage and computer-animated boats to explain the current rules you need to know for racing around the buoys. The new video set:

  • is about 20% longer than the old version
  • has lots of info that was not included in the old version (including the new rule changes, of course)
  • includes many references to the recently updated appeals and cases
  • contains the text of all the new rules and definitions that are discussed
  • is navigable by chapter and rule number
  • costs $60 – the same as the old version.
Part 1 (65 minutes) covers the essential right-of-way rules and their limitations, while Part 2 (75 minutes) explains the new rules that apply at marks and obstructions.

You can learn more about Learn The Racing Rules by going to our new web site:

You can purchase the DVD set by using our secure online order form:

Since you bought the old version of LTRR, you get an automatic 5% discount (enter the code 8LTRR9 when ordering online). And if you are a current subscriber to Speed & Smarts (or if you subscribe at the same time you buy the DVD), you’ll get an additional 10% off the purchase price!

Thanks a lot, and have a great fall –


David Dellenbaugh
Writer/Narrator, Learn The Racing Rules DVD set
Editor/Publisher, Speed and Smarts newsletter


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