Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Transcriptburst > 2034-10-21-14:03:09-LTW-RRS-P17-Mech12-v-Harder^2

@Transcriptburst BEGIN>

Send 2034-10-21-14:03:09 > Received 2034-10-21-14:03:11 > Ident: LTW_RRS > Incident P17 Mech12 V Harder^2. !! Race2 in Series> Harlinger wad > Sailed 2034-10-20 > Club HWS > Arbiter: JMS

From> Psystem V12

To> All involved parties; Scoringtrack HWS; NatA; ISAF education & ROC.

% Data Received from Mech12, Tracking system ISAFv16.2, GPS/Satellite T56 > EUR/NED > Local.

% Data Received from Harder^2, Tracking system GEv12.3, Earth/Google v3 Satellite B1> EUR/EUR > diminished.*

*comp: No greater diversion then through measurement.

Incident solved according to rules in ERRS for Tracking Systems; Monitor and Arbiter involvement indicated as preferred by parties; meeting by snap phone- PC on 2034-10-21 from 13:44:01 till 13:52:34.

Attached course plot Mech12 during Race 2 from 2nd LWm (P11v4.track’d) till 3rd WWm P18v1.track’d) > attached course plot Harder^2, during same period.

Yachts breached safe distance on three occasions during leg; Incident 3 is being disputed by Harder^2. Exoneration for incident is asked and the automatic penalty should be deleted and awarded to Mech12. No further redress is requested.

Motivation given: Plot shows Harder^2 reached fixed 40 meter zone, three seconds earlier then Mech 12. Harder^2 had full rights within zone based on that. + All indicators on board showed green. Course change was impossible because of proximity of Mech12

Counter motivation: Plot on Mech 12 showed both yachts entering simul-taneously; Mech12 had three green and one yellow indicator. No course alteration was therefore necessary. System indicated red only after passing P11v4.track’d.

System analysis> Deviations within prescribed tolerances. GE functioning within 90% accuracy; ISAF within 88,9 %; No other glitches detected. Plot according to GE deemed more reliable as per ERRS 16.22;

Facts determining outcome> Harder ^2 reached fixed 40 meter zone before Mech12. Safety distance breach was below 70% threshold. No damage or personal injury*

* Liability and court findings overrule only financial components in any protest/arbitration hearing according to ERRS 100.2.

Dec> Per ERRS 64.12 Automatic penalty for Harder^2 to be deleted. No penalty awarded to Mech12

@ Transcriptburst END <


Tillerman asked about the changes in sailing in the next 25 years in this months group writing project; Sailing in the Second Space Age. To make a prediction. I’m sticking to the rules – per usual:

Tracking will change the the Racing Rules of Sailing dramatically. No longer will observations by sailors or witnesses be of value, other then to dispute glitches or malfunctions; All racing boats will have indicator lights for different situations ranging from OCS to Zone and be equipped with proximity-alerts.

The fixed wing sails will make it impossible to decide which tack a boat is on – on more then a few courses - and therefore the tracking system will be used to determine ROW.

E-rules will guide the outcome and penalties in the form of additions to time, will be automatically send to scoring.

What do you think?


  1. Superb. Except I was thinking of writing about exactly the same thing. Great minds think alike!

  2. I saw you dropped a "Google" in there? will the Google-monster still be a big thing in 25 years? or just the latest internet bust?

    nice concept... that took some work!


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