Thursday, 9 September 2010

ISAF Q&A’s update August 2010 and beyond

Better make up for another backlog. The list of Q&A’s has been growing again. Pick up the latest booklet and you are good to go up until Q&A 10 – 029;

ISAF Racing Rules Q&A's Booklet August 10 2010

The latest bunch since the last update are:

D 6 Q&A 10-024 The rights of an OCS boat that is sailing the course.
B 18 Q&A 10-025 Clarifications about Mark-Room and rule 18.3.
M 8 Q&A 10-026 Paddle test and the exceptions in rule 42.
M 9 Q&A 10-027 Proper Course and sail configuration.
J 10 Q&A 10-028 Protest flag display when multiple protests in a race.
J 11 Q&A 10-029 Redress for incidents that happen before the warning signal.

And then two who are not yet in the booklet, but have appeared since August 10:

J 12 Q&A 10-030 About the right to appeal a measurement protest decision
J 13 Q&A 10-031 Damage that is obvious to the boats


The last one will need some creative questions if one boat denies knowing there was damage after contact. Don’t hesitate to involve the protesting boat to come up with a solid argument why the damage was obvious to both. They are the ones who did not raise the red flag promptly or hailed protest at the first reasonable opportunity. They should have reasons why a PC/Jury should accept 61.1(a)(3) and find the protest valid.


  1. Q&A 25 taught me something. Yellow tacked in the zone causing Blue to drop below layline and then 'shoot' the mark. I used to think that would have broken 18.3, by failing to give Blue room to sail straight to the mark. The rule says to give that room 'if' Blue becomes overlapped, though, so I see that Yellow is allowed to be in the way while there is no overlap, if she can let Blue sail to the mark immediately when the overlap starts.

  2. Thanks Jos;
    Q&A is posted in rapid succesion. Reading it and Translating into Japanese are becoming a burden for me.
    Because I am very busy this summer in the middle of Asian Circuit, that is, Singapore, Jun, Vladivostok Russia, Jul, Qingdao China, Aug and Jeonnam-Jeju Korea, Oct.
    A lingering heat of summer Greeying!


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