Saturday, 19 February 2011

Flog the Blog Day (39)

What is this? Flog the Blog Day? Never heard of it....
My faithful readers might still have a vague recollection, something from way, way back then, when the icecaps were melting, and the hunters finally could get out again to get some 'fresh' meat.

For all the new readers and as a reminder for all others: Flog the Blog Day is one day, each month (always on the 18th) where I try to post about the blog. Some future plans, some questions about new features, some thoughts on blogging. But the biggest contributors to Flog the Blog Day are YOU.
You are invited to tell me what I'm doing wrong, what is absolutely an affront to your senses or maybe plain stupid.
Don't spare the rod, tell me.

I'm already a day late, and it will not get better, I'm sorry. Yesterday I arrived at 04:30 local time ( 01:30 my time) and this morning I went to the venue at 09:30, sorting out ribs, helping with the preparation and going out on the water for some practice races.

Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow. FFFA 11.3 will just have to wait....


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