Wednesday, 16 February 2011

We are it wrong, all of us. NEW Racing Rules all surfers/sailors!

I have to say, I had a sleepless night, these new rules are very difficult, even for an 'independent sports professional', like I hope to become.

To illustrate, this is rule 3:
3. When wind of the same and do not overlap, boat, another boat is overtaking the change must have a course to avoid a collision.
For those of you not familiar with the new RRS lettering: all bold printed words are now in a definition.
And wat about this one? Rule 6:
6. If you have the right of way and prepare for a ride, you must give the possibility of other boats.
But my absolute sleep-depraving bloody 'ing favourite is rule 7:
 7. When you reach the two length zone of a brand, you have to overlap the inside boat room to round the obstacle.
Now you have been warned. Better prepare and read all 10 rules here: RRS sailing you need to know!


  1. Is this how the uninformed perceive the rules?

  2. Shame on you Jos for making fun of the English of someone whose first language is clearly not English. Either that, or he or she went to some really bad schools!

    But I have to admit, that whole blog is pretty funny. It's all written in that same unintentionally hilarious bad English.

  3. As a fellow non native English blogger, I felt it was permitted. I'm sure some of my sentences and words can be improved as well......

  4. Jos, I am sure you are aware that your English is excellent. I don't think you could discuss such a complex subject as the Racing Rules without a strong grasp for all the nuances and subtleties of the language.

  5. To me it looks like a whole slew of blogs made by a automatic translation program, purely to generate text.
    Could it be to create webspace for Adsense?

  6. You are right I think. It does have the style of automatic translation. Now I am going to have to work out what language it came from!

  7. I see there is a whole series of blogs in this genre at My favorite post is 7 ways to propose to the Grand Your Man on #Relationships Engagements. Totally hilarious!

  8. It can only be posted by someone who has NO English language skills at ALL.

    "Everyone said that for a man to the question, is pop. But what if you have to kill him? Do not worry, go ahead. Remember to follow these points."

    Right, kill him....

  9. Definitely some sort of of automatic system- proabably scrapes the likes of wikipedia, then attempts to re-write it a bit so that it so so obvious. Bascially, it's just spam, and therefore should be mocked. The huge block of google ads, and the identical design of every blog, are rather giveaways.

  10. Shame on me for saying shame on Jos because I thought he was mocking someone struggling with the English language. Sorry Jos.

    Al is right. This deserves to be mocked. But my doing so we are only drawing attention to the pathetic little venture. Don't Google have rules against this kind of operation? Maybe I should report it to the Google police?


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