Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I have been updating my LinkedIn and Facebook Network today, as well as preparing for events in China and India (Visa applications in a short time frame is a hassle!)

Anyway, during my wanderings I came accros a picture which I do want to share with you:
Since my own boat is a "Valk" it caught my eye.

Valken in the Seventies?

If you click on the caption you can find the page where I got it from. The description states it's from the SNEEKWEEK in the Seventies....

Hmmm. I don't know....

We build our boat in 1974 and it was already permissible to fit it with trapeze and with a spinnaker. The boats in the picture have neither.
So my questions to all Dutch LTW-Readers are:
Does anybody recognize this picture?
And if so, what can you tell me about it?
Is it really from the seventies?

Number 430 does not have a valid certificate anymore, but there's a photo of the boat on the class website:

Boot nummer: 838, 528, 833, 699, 503, 430, 84, 528
The caption on that website suggest that the 430 was sailing in the Sneekweek 2010. I can't find her number in the picture, but the sailors might recognize her from her colours.....


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  1. Received a mail from Lex, the one who posted the second photo, but he doesn't know who currently sails in the 430. In hindsight he thinks he made mistake by putting that number in the caption.
    The 430 doesn't appear in the 2010 results, has no measurement certificate, isn't know at the class organisation. I have to dig deeper....


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