Wednesday, 2 March 2011

34th America's Cup Racing Rules

The Racing Rules of Sailing for the 34th America's Cup have been published on the official website.
You can find the complete document here: RRS 34 AC-edition v1.
ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing AC Edition 2010.pdf
I haven't had time to go trough the complete wording, but right away a couple of simplefication are noticeable:

- Rule 13 While Tacking is deleted.
That means that only rule 10, 11 and 12 governs the right of way relationship between two boats. Going trough head to wind changes the tack a boat is on. So in a dail up the moment a boat passes head to wind is critical. The port boat does not have to bear away to close hauled  before becoming leeward yacht.

- Rule 6 is added. 
It states  the last point of certainty is used to determine the rules situation between boats. A principle already in use in all match racing. It just has been written in the rules in these AC-RRS

There are more subtle and not so subtle changes in the definitions and in rule 18. But I need to study them more, to give you the consequences on the water.

Perhaps these simplified rules will be the way to go.... We will have to see what is happening in the races before that determination is to be made. For now no Call- or Casebooks apply, no Rapid Response or Q&A's are to be used. The Jury and Umpires will have to start from scratch.

And the Jury folder on the website is empty.

[17/08/2011: Changed the link to the rules]


  1. An interesting change is to RRS 26 which will permit port entry (blue) to enter 15 seconds ahead of starboard (yellow). I suspect that this will take away the dial up and significantly change pre-start tactics.

  2. IMO In the rule 18.2(b) is the typing error:
    "If a yacht is not clear ahead or..." - Instead of
    "clear ahead", must be "overlapped"

  3. I can't find the rules posted on the AC site. Error 404.

  4. Steve, I've changed the link. Now you should be able to find them again...


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