Friday, 25 March 2011

Indian MR National Selection Trails 2011 – Practice Day

After a long flight from Amsterdam – Zurich – Mumbai I’ve arrived in India for the Indian Match Race Selection Trails 2011. I’m currently in the office of Cmdr. A. Patankar (Pat for short) for a couple of meetings in a short time. The YAI invited me to be the CU for this event in which a couple of teams will be selected to be supported by the National Authority in their Match Race career.

At the moment it is not yet sure how many teams will participate, so we don’t know the exact format. In the meetings we’ll go over the relevant documents (SI & NOR, etc) to get the last crinkles out. The event is run from a military training facility slash Military Yacht Club. Pat has been briefing me on the preparations and seems to have everything well in hand. With military efficiency – so to speak.


We’ve had our meetings. The main issue seems to be the number of skippers that will participate. We are on 11 at the moment. Probably too many to go for a full round robin. That would mean 28 flights, and an average of nine per day is already three days. Since the event only lasts four days, that would be cutting it close

If we stay with 11 we will have to go to two groups and let the best six or four (three or two in each group) go through for the finals. We’ll wait and see how many are going to turn up. We are going to have some lunch.


Back in my hotel room at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club. It’s now past three. I’ll catch up on some mails and then take a stroll trough this “megapool” city of 12 million people and visit the gateway to India – only two blocks down.

I’ll report back tomorrow – if I can find the time.

Ooh, do not open your eyes when sitting in a taxi trough the streets of old ‘Mumbai’, unless you are a physicists who want to experience chaos theory, first hand. (and you’d better keep your hands covering your ears, as well). Phew…, to stick to umpire wording: “nobody is keeping clear, although manages to avoid contact”


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