Sunday, 15 February 2015

Umpire flags

After many months I'm now ready to offer all Umpires and /or Clubs the opportunity to order there own complete set of Umpire flags!

The flags are made of wind resist-end material and can be attached to wooden and or plastic sticks. All flags are 35 cm x 50 cm. A complete set consists of  two Blue, two Yellow, one Green/White, one Red, one Black and for team racing, one Black/White flag. The flags were developed in cooperation with the Dutch Team & Match Racing Association (DMTRA).

two blue, two yellow, black, red, green/white and black/white

A complete set is yours for € 49,50 (including VAT), that's $US 55,44. International shipping is about € 5,75, depending on the address.
If you want individual flags, the black/white on for instance to complete your own set, the price is
€ 8,- ($US 9,05) per flag.

Please contact me on ltw-regelservice ad home dot nl if you want more information or want to order a set.


  1. Replies
    1. If you want a tight fit the diameter is 22mm. I myself use 18mm plastic tubes. If you seal both ends the flag with stick floats in the water.


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