Thursday, 18 June 2009

Flog the Blog Day (19)

This new FTBD seems like a good moment to pick up again. I’ve not posted for a couple of weeks due to some physical discomfort. I had a severe head cold and an infection to my sinuses and needed to take some antibiotic to cure it.
And it was also after the Delta Lloyd Regatta, were I was not altogether satisfied with my own performance. I can make excuses that this infection was already starting, but that does not negate the fact that I was not happy with myself afterwards. Together with some unresolved issues and doubts, this resulted in me shutting the blog down for a couple of days.

I want to thank everybody who send me mails of encouragement and support. It was very hart warming to receive a note from you. Thank you all!

Back on Deck?

I’m off to do the Kiel-week tomorrow. Traveling by car we (Another IJ from my town is traveling with me) hope to arrive Friday afternoon. I’m part of the Umpire team, so I will be chasing the new Elliot 6 in the Woman’s Match Race competition. I'm curious how this will go. Our first Jury/umpire meeting is Friday 18:00 hours. If I can, I will update you on developments from the Olympic Centre in Schilksee. I hope to have a better event.

As always, please don’t hesitate to send me your comments and notes on the blog. I’ll will try to answer all mails, although it might take some time.



  1. Welcome back. Looking forward to hearing all about Kiel Week.

  2. Dear Jos;
    Be sure to take good care of yourself. You are too busy.
    sen yamaoka

  3. :-) hi Jo,
    welcome back..... hope you hve loads of fun in the Keil week, hoping to hear all abut it.
    take care,

  4. Jo,
    something really surprising, i too suffered with severe cold and sinus after umpiring and being part of the protest committee for our Multi Class National Regatta, in the month of May. I too had to take off 2 weeks from my work, So i can very well understand what you may have gone through with that.

    Hope you have recovered fully from it.
    bye, take care,


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