Sunday, 21 June 2009

Kiel 2009 | Part 2

Long days indeed!
We spend nine and a bit hours on the water the first day. Two groups of seven boats in a round robin each, with seven flights with three matches equals 14 flights and 42 matches. Actually we did 43 because one race was abandoned by the RC and had to be re sailed.
Out at quarter to ten, in around seven.
I am indeed looking forward to a good night sleep.

The Elliot 6es are very nice boats. Athletic, lots of trim, and very fast accelerating, when there's a little more breeze. The speed difference between 6 and 8 knots is remarkable.
Dinghy sailors would be right at home in these boats.
We saw a lot of matches decided on pure boat speed. You have to let the boat get some speed before you start sheeting in. The apparent wind angle for these kevlar sails is quite important. Combined with a narrow "AC"-like keel the sailors have there hands full.
The ones who figured this out rather sooner then later, were the ones who won there matches.

It's now 23:30, so please forgive me if I make this short. Tomorrow will be another full day.


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