Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Kiel 2009 | part 3

Sorry to not have been reporting earlier.
We've been extremely busy with the match racing. While others stayed in, we went out in the light breeze of the "Kieler bucht" and raced
15 flights on Monday and another 9 on Tuesday. Sunday was the "lightest" day so far with only 7 flights.
The reparcharge and the quarter finals are all done. We sailed for places five and six and for places seven and eight.

All that is left to do are the semi-finals and the finals.
We do those today… on what is called in the jury the "Medal-race day"

With the breeze filling in to around 16 knots we had very good races with real match race fligths and lot's of calls.
Difficult yes, but exciting also and lots of fun. I still am not always happy with my "transitions" but have lot's more confidence in positioning and am more and more able to predict what will happen next.

I was hoping to be able to post this last night, but was called into hearings and spend a couple of hours in an international jury doing protest.

I'll post about the calls asap, but now I already have to go to the morning briefing.


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