Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Flog the Blog Day (24) | 2 years

Two years. I’ve started posting two years ago, on November 18th 2007.

For the number crunchers among you, Google Analytics reports the following results: 90,945 Visits from 38,132 Absolute Unique Visitors, who did 193,805 Pageviews with 2.13 Average Pageviews per visitor. Spending 00:02:49 Time on Site, with a 63.10% Bounce Rate, that means they left after one page (I think). Of those 41.83% were New Visits. The visitors came from 148 countries, of which the USA with 35,747 was the main source, followed by the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Australia.
Feedburner is tracking 590 subscribers of which 357 by Email. (Yes, Big B is watching YOU)
Main referring sites are,, and But there are many more (1114 to be exact). Thank you all for linking!
The most important keywords – something SEO and all those crawling robots seem to like – are ‘look to windward’, my name and ‘racing rules of sailing’.
Google ranks this blog as fourth when that last phrase is searched. After ISAF, USSailing and Wikipedia.
All this after 674 posts, which comes to an average of 0.923 posts per day…
My lapse in posting earlier this year caused the drop below one… I’m afraid.
Nevertheless I’m satisfied by the results. Although I’m only reaching a fraction of people who race, I’m pretty sure more then half of the people who officiate at racing have visited one time or another.
For those of you who’ve never come across Flog the Blog Day before, let me repeat it’s purpose. Once a month I invite all visitors to comment on anything about the blog. Things I should improve, things I should blog about, things I’m actually doing wrong. Don’t like the black background? Should I get rid of the sidebar clutter? Now’s your chance to comment.
If you want to read previous Flog the Blog Day posts, click on the FTBD label
You can, of course, also suggest new subjects. If you prefer to keep it private, you can always use email. Find and use the address in the sidebar or contact button below the header.
For this anniversary I also need to thank all of you who’ve encouraged me, to keep going. And sometimes I get a very nice email thanking me for my efforts. It is very much appreciated!
Shall I keep batting for a (hundred) thousand?


  1. YES, next stop at 100 000 !!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, Look to Windward is my first stop in the laptop every morning, and I am sad, when I cannot find some news.

  2. Congratulations on your first two years. You absolutely should continue. As far as I know, you are the most authoritative Racing Rules expert writing a blog regularly so you provide a unique service to the sailing community. Long may you prosper.

  3. Dear Jos;
    Congratulation - OMEDETOU GOZAIMASU – on your two years. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to find very worthy news on your LTW. May your blog be continued and successful forever more! Far away from Japan, on the other side of the globe.
    sen yamaoka

  4. Wolfgang, Tillerman and Sen, Thank you for your continued interest and congratulation.
    I will try to fulfil your expectations.

  5. Jos,

    Your blog is terrific. Whilst I am a relatively recent arrival here, I have both enjoyed the reading and learned a tremendous amount. Your blog, in part, inspired me to attend a US Sailing Judges Clinic and helped me pass the test. Now I'm working toward certification and expect to be at this a long time.

    Thank you for providing such a great service to the sailing community.


  6. @Beau
    Your welcome! Thanks for your response.


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