Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Ladies Only 2009 Hamburg, Final part

Back home I’ve sorted out the photo’s and uploaded them to Flickr.

You can find them here: Ladies Only 2009

I’ve also made a video! My apologies beforehand for the shaking and un-sharp parts. I’ve used my camera to see if I could get any kind of usable result. You be the judge. The video is of the prize-giving ceremony, particular of the winning team: Silke Hahlbrock, Maren Hahlbrock, Julie Wolf & Marion Rommel

Again, my congratulations!

Second and third teams are in the pictures… Winning has it’s rewards…

I enjoyed this event very much. I’ve been going to Hamburg for several years and the club is very hospitable and takes good care of it’s guests. Teams and Umpires alike.

Match Racing on lake Alster is great and I can recommend it to all!

1 comment:

  1. Great video and very good interviewing technique :-).
    But you are right about the club and I look forward to join you next week for a weekend of umpiring on the Alster.



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