Friday, 18 December 2009

FTBD (25)

I've been very unproductive this month. Not so much due to the fact that writing a post takes that much time, more to finding time to read on the www for a suitable subject. Coupled to the fact that it's winter in the Low Lands - and therefore almost no events - and a busy time for the holiday's at work, has resulted in a very low post count. I have a couple of day's off next two weeks, perhaps I can do better.

Flog the Blog Day 25 - two years plus one month. It will take another ten months to reach a thousand posts. I'll try to reach that before the third year is full.

If you have any comments, want to suggest a post (-series), have anything about the rules to contribute or just want to share a photo, don't hesitate to send an Email. I will get to them (eventually) all.

To satisfy your hunger for rules, here's the link to a new UK-Halsey rules-quiz:

This quiz (#28) is based on US Sailing Appeal 45 and deals with three rules:
  • Rule 13 While Tacking
  • Rule 14 Avoiding Contact
  • Rule 20.1 Room to Tack at an Obstruction
Click here to see the animated situation. For the answer, go to their website at and sign up.

Until next time.


1 comment:

  1. Might it be interesting to discuss "Uncle Charlie?
    (RRS 33, Changing Course)

    The basic idea is simple enough; signalling the change before yachts reach an affected leg.

    But, implementing a RRS 33 change may not be always simple.

    And, it seems that some smaller or less experienced race committees (in small clubs) seem intimidated by RRS 33 or poorly equipped to make a course change.

    Some race officers are very careful about making the change correctly and others may be more casual.

    Some race officers may have a very low threshold for changing a course and others may be very reluctant to signal a course change.

    Local conditions vary. A 25-degree windshift may be ignored on a mountain lake as "par for the course" -- an accepted phenomenon.

    And what do race officers do when they are under pressure to get races completed in venues with uncertain conditions? How fair is fair enough?


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