Monday, 14 December 2009

Tactical Sailing Situations Update 2.6B

Henri has updated TSS. You can find the latest release here: Version 2.6B.

Latest additions (including from earlier releases in 2009):

  • Bug fix: Error while saving a diagram as a picture
  • Bug fix: Error while clicking on 'Cancel' on an empty commentges are:
  • Nicer drawings
  • Undo facilities
  • Gate area
  • Multiple diagrams can be opened simultaneously in one execution
  • A new installer (compatible Windows 64 bits)
  • Bug Fix: Error while deleting an object
  • Bug Fix: 'Access violation' popup when deleting a balloon or a comment
  • Bug fix: Wrong 'Rigth Of Way' boat when rule 13 applies
  • Default circle radius around marks and obstruction is 3 boat lengths
  • Support of PNG image format.
I've been busy with work and have not posted in a long time. Hope to improve. J.


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