Friday, 21 October 2011

Grade 3 Greece - Travelingday

Today I travelled to Greece, to the harbour of Piraeus in front of Greece's most famous city; Athens.
And sitting on a roofed terrace ate dinner with a view of the bay and if I looked hard enough in the distance, the Parthenon.
Nice, no?

At home it's already below zero at night, here the nights are no longer hot, but still very pleasant.
And they are even paying me to be here.....

I'm doing a short event, two days, Match Race Grade 3 for Yacht Club Greece in Platu 25's. For every high profile Grade 1, World Cup or professional event, dozens of these are run, all over the world. And they all need umpires.

Together with my fellow IU (there are two needed for a Grade 3) we arrived this afternoon and started preparing for two nice days on the water.
SI's finalized, umpire boats ready, other umpires sorted ..... There are snags, when are there not snags? - but we will sort them out and do some racing tomorrow. Forecast is good, enough wind and 8 competitors. What can go wrong?

To steal a frase from my fellow blogger Tillerman:
Life is good.


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