Monday, 17 October 2011

ESS Act 8; Almeria - All done

Act 8 has finished yesterday. We did some good races out of and inside the harbour in front of a good crowd. Visit the Extreme Sailing Series website to see the results
The wind cooperated and stayed with us, so we had fair racing for all. Except for Emirates Team New Zealand, because the damage from the crash the day before was such, that it couldn't be repaired overnight. They will sail in Act 9 in Singapore in December. For all races not sailed in Act 8 they were given redress - average points out of all sailed races.

For Singapore we will have some issues to consider:
The rule 14 penalty - which we discussed in earlier posts, needs adjustment. The latest we have come up with, is to let the penalized boat sail, including start, but to restrict the use of the gennaker until the last boat has past the windward mark.

The pink flag - in use for situations were we are unable to find sufficient facts to make a judgement.

A windward gate - perhaps with some rulechanges.

Also in this event rule 49.1 came up. The use of non working sheets or other equipment to hike. A support rib/coach had taken some photo's of crew positions that he considered illegal. This rule is not subject to an umpire initiated penalty for the moment, only to a red flag protest, but perhaps that should change. The Class rules and SI have changed RRS 42. Perhaps they also need to address RRS 49.1. I must admit that I did not notice these illegal crew hiking at all - too busy concentrating on Part 2 rules.

Today I'm travelling back home, with a fairly late flight. I'm planning to concentrate on Match Racing for a couple of days - since I have a Grade 3 MR event in Greece next weekend. And do some work on You Tack Pro.


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