Saturday, 22 October 2011

Platu 25 Match Race 2011; Greece

The rules issue today:
What do you do when a competitor leaves the event after having sailed one match? And does the answer differ if he lost or won that match?

After having waited for two hours for the predicted wind we finally went out on the water in front of the club and started match racing. The Platu 25 is a nice - manoeuvrable boat, but like any sailboat, it needs an engine. And when that engine is not blowing, it will not move. And to match race you need some movement, no?

We did 12 out of the fourteen flights today - with some very close racing in the eventually increased wind coming in from the north north-west. For us a steady work-day as umpires- since the RC did it's best to keep things flowing with a flight every 25 or 30 minutes. And for the sailors sometimes a bit of a show.....

You'll understand when you've found the answer to my initial question.

We finished sailing after six and did the debrief  at seven. A nice dinner in Greece's oldest Yacht Club and time for the sack.. Tomorrow another day under the sun. Life is hard.

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  1. I suppose all matches need to be sailed. And subsequently black-flagged. Even if the competitor lost his one match, it would still be possible for other competitors to get a worse score, e.g. by getting point penalties for crashes.


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