Saturday, 15 October 2011

ESS Act 8; Almeria Spain; Stadium Races

We will return to stadium racing today with - hopefully - some decent wind.
I've drawn a picture of one of the courses we have done yesterday on the Google Map of the harbour. I've added some extra boats moored along the keys and drawn a 3 BL zone to give you an idea about the scale in relation to the Extreme 40s.

The course announced from the RC was:
Start between RC-boat and Black Cylindrical Mark - Orange Port - Red Starboard - Yellow Starboard - Pass Black Conical Finish Mark to Starboard - Gate (Gate is White) - Finish between Black Conical Mark and Finish platform on shore.
Wind speed varying between 2-5 knots; Wind direction varying between South / South South West / South West. Competing boats: 11 Extreme 40s.

The first thing we as Umpires do is try to asses where the pressure point(s) will be and make sure that possible two umpire boats will be there. There are in total three umpire boats with each two umpires

Can you guess where those pressure points will be and where to station the umpire boats?


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