Hello Everyone!
Time passes, regattas come and so do new versions of Boat Scenario. You will find all you need on the Download page.
This version brings:
  • an improved User Interface for a more comfortable input on the scene
  • PolyLines for obstructions or any other drawing you would want
  • Bubbles are available for any object (boat, mark, point)
  • Spinnaker on the keelboat
  • and thanks to an even bigger list of translators we now have: Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portugese, Polish Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish!
We keep the promises as usual:
  • The tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • The old files work with this release and people can read the new files on the old versions (without the display for the new features of course).
Special thanks to the following translators that contributed for the first time to this release:
Jaap de Zeeuw (NED), Zvonko Hočevar (SLO), Anders Lund (DEN), Takaaki Kawata (JPN), Luigi Bertini (ITA), Armando Goularrt (POR), and Sofia Truchanowicz (POL). And thanks also to the usual contributors:: Tom Björkholm, JP Cordonnier, Modesto Fernandez Vasquez.

It is a real pleasure to see all of you contribute to the success of this tool.
Enjoy sailing!

I've fiddled around with the new features and again Thibaut has not disappointed me. This is an improvement. Specially the way boats are set in the track, makes it easier to get a proper scenario the first time.

I've returned from Hamburg. And hope to have some special footage for you soon. For some of the matches I was able to use a small camera fixed to my hat. After I've edited for the 'call' bits, you'll be able to see racing from an umpire point of view. Stay tuned!