News from Thibaut: The new version of Boats Scenario is released:
Go to Boats 200910 Released for download;

Hello Everyone!
After some longer time than usual a new version of Boat Scenario knocks at the door. This version brings:
  • Toggle for Path display
  • Flags on boats
  • Bubbles to input text
  • and thanks to our contributors translations for Spanish, German, Swedish and French.
The tool is available for Windows, Linux and Mac as usual.
Furthermore, you may still use your old files with this release and people can read the new files on the old versions (without the display for the new features of course).
If you think that Boat Scenario may benefit from a translation in your language, please do not hesitate to follow the procedure described in another post.

Special thanks to the following people that contributed to this release:
Tom Björkholm, JP Cordonnier, Georg Ehling, Luizo Ferrandiz, Modesto Fernandez Vasquez, and Lisandro Perez Meyer.

Enjoy sailing!