Sunday 10 April 2016

Visualization of the tactical position of a Racing Sailboat at a Markrounding

In the Zone there are four basic tactical position;
Or was it six? :-)

x times 2.

x times 2.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, become RED!
(I mean the second one.....)

Let's have a detailed look:
If a Right of Way boat is this:

Tactical score: 10 

A Right-of-Way boat has only a small red (orange) part. She must comply with rule 14 and avoid a collision when reasonably possible…

There’s a little lighter green because of the general limitations under 15, 16 and 17.

Then our first picture develops from > to > and becomes:


 finally we have this:

Tactical score: 12 

This boat has Right-of-Way AND Markroom.

The green parts have become bigger if you compare it with a normal ROW boat, because under Markroom a boat will be exonerated for breaking rules 15 and 16 when she’s sailing within that room.

She still has the small orange part for rule 14 – that will never go away.

Subsequently we have this tactical picture:

Which develops into our stages to become:

Tactical score: 8

This boat does have Right-of-Way but must give Mark-room. Which means she has to give the other boat room to sail the course. So, just enough to get round that mark, no more, no less…

Well you know the drill by now:

Tactical score: 4
A Keep-clear boat with Markroom;
She’s gained a block of green; she can sail the course!
Not more, but if she keeps to that (limited) room she will be exonerated for breaking rules 10, 11 and 12. Rule 13 is a bit trickier, because tacking usually means loosing Mark-room.
The right-of-Way boat still has limitations, so the orange is not included....

Just to throw you of the sequence, here's the Keep-Clear boat:

Tactical score: 2
To complete the set. Perhaps just a little better than the last tactical position. This boat doesn’t have to worry about that Right-of-Way boat changing course too fast. But she still has to keep clear.

And finally our dreaded Red BLOCK: Which simplified is actually the same as the Keep-Clear boat


 It's blood everywhere:

Tactical score: 0

Red, Red, Red.
No Right-of-Way AND no Markroom.
there’s one comforting thought. She’s no worse off than a boat that just has to keep clear.
Or is she?
A part of orange has also become red!

Yes, she’s worse off. That ROW-boat can change course as fast as she pleases, no limitations for 15 and 16 for her!

So, keep extremely well clear.

My last picture (I promise):

Can't help it, one more:

I'm looking into Icons next...


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