Thursday, 22 November 2007

ISAF (1)

Learned a new abbreviation tonight. "NAIU" which stands for: "Newly Appointed International Umpire". ISAF informed me in a mail today that the grouping criteria are based on performance when acting as an International Umpire. NAIUs have not acted as IUs yet, and therefore the grouping criteria cannot be applied. For that reason I'm "ungroupable" until November next year.

IU's are grouped in one of three categories: group 1, group 2 and ungrouped. There's a short paragraph in the Umpire's manual about this grouping:
"The grouping system divides international umpires into groups that reflect their competence in top-level match racing events. The system was introduced to facilitate the process of selecting appropriate umpire teams for the events that ISAF appoints umpires to (listed in regulation 18.12) and to provide a basis for developing individual international umpires."

Hopefully the ISAF can get me a place into a Grade 1 event next year, but it they are now in the last stage of the appointments, so no guarantees.....


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