Friday, 30 November 2007


Today another pair of forms for your PC or Laptop. These are two templates of the protest-form in Word (doc) format. PCtemplate 1 is the front and PCtemplate 2 is the back side of a standard protest form, with pre-arranged fields for all blank spaces. If you are able to bring a lap top to the protest room, one of the panel members can use this form to write all relevant information directly into the form, during the hearing.
Big advantage is that after the hearing is finished, you'll have a printable protest-outcome which can be handed over to the competitor if he or she asks for it (in writing RRS 65.2).
Also added a sheet with boat pictures which can be placed into that word document. This protest diagram kit was made by Angelo Buscemi. He explains how to use it on the first pages. Not only boats are provided but also pages with different places on the race course, i.e. starting line or leeward mark. A finished diagram looks like this:

To be as perfect as this, might take a couple of hours practice, but the result is impressive. By click-and-hold on the handles of each boat you can easely change even the size!


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