Tuesday, 20 November 2007


I'm currently trying to find out more about body-language as a means to determine if someone is telling the truth in the protest room. I found a page with a few pointers
Most of us use unconsciously the signals someone sends trough his/her body to tell if we trust or like a person. If he or she tells the story what happened on the water we credit not only the words, but also the way they are expressed. At least I know I do.
And all a protest committee has to do, when told two different stories about an incident, is to decide who to believe and who not. There’s no burden of proof.

In a lecture I gave to a group of national judges recently, we had a heated discussion about this. Some in the group were very adamant that this should not be a factor in believing what was said, while others used body-language as a means to pick up on a lie.
I'll try to find out more and will get back to it in this blog - perhaps even talk to someone who does interviewing or interrogation as a profession.


  1. Hi Jos,

    Both sides of the heated discussion seem to have a point. I think the most important thing to remember is that you _are_ picking up this signals and you _are_ being influenced by them. If this influence is concious or unconcious is up to you!

    I'm interested in what your findings will be and i'll hope you keep us up to date with this blog.


  2. Hello Frank,
    I will certainly try to get back to this subject, as promised.

  3. In relation to this I've been looking on bol.com for some books about the subject lying and body languages. I think I'll order this one and this one. Both relatively cheap and maybe a good starting point.

  4. Look like good choices, Frank.
    Perhaps I can post your findings as a contributor on this blog?
    Drop me a E-mail and tell something about yourself, oké?

  5. I think you already know more than you think. You could read all about me on my new blog which I started because you inspired me.


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