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This First Post is the text from my "old" website; If you want to visit use this linkSome of the files I've also included in the files-list (upper right). The rest is still available on the old site.
Update: 18/12/07; Don't visit unless you want to be directed back again.
There's nothing there anymore, I've "cleaned out the closet" so to speak.

Removed some files (part of) on the request of the author.
I hope to receive some alternatives.

It has been some time, but I’ve received some feedback from “students” which has prompting me to do something about the site.
A Turkish Judge wanted to know the answers to the Test-Questions in my posting from 09/12/05 (see just below).
I’ve put them in a small file which can be found (removed)
Remember, these are my “best guesses”, there is no definitive answer given…

Good luck to all students for the upcoming seminar in Belgium..

I’ve scanned a couple examination TEST questions from 2004:
1. Test-Questions as they are used on a seminar (pdf-file)
2. Two more questions in the same style (doc) with my answers

In the last couple of years I’ve studied the rules intensively, firstly to become a better judge, but also to pass the International Judges examination. The ISAF judges seminars are great but the candidate who wants to pass, needs to have his or her homework done beforehand.
One of the factors which make the examination particularly difficult is the language-barrier, for al those who don’t speak English as a mother tongue. So being able to read test questions and understanding quickly what is asked and what is not, is an essential skill, because there is not enough time to reread. And the examination time is two and a half hours….
I’ve suggested in the evaluation after my seminar (in October 2004) that the ISAF should make available some “practice- questions” for candidates who want to attend, by publishing them on the ISAF-site. But until now nothing materialized. It’s difficult to make good questions for the examinations and always there are not enough, but still.

I’ve made a shortlist of files I’ve gathered in the years and making them available to anybody with access to the Internet. I’m also planning to scan my seminar papers and publishing those as well.

At the moment these files are available:
RRS 2005-2008; Official Rules from the ISAF (link)
  1. PowerPoint presentation Rule 18 Workshop; a new approach (ppt-file)
  2. How well do you know the new 2005-2008 racing rules of sailing, by David Dellenbaugh (word-doc or link)
  3. US Sailing Judges Workshop study questions (pdf-file)
  4. RRS2005 compared to RRS 2001, all the changes highlighted if you make revisions visible (word-doc)
  5. Glossary of Sailing Terms (htm-page)
  6. 100 ISAF Study questions (word doc)
Also a list of links to useful or interesting sites:
  1. A very good interactive rules Quiz, by UK-Halsey Sailmakers (link)
  2. Yacht racing Site with useful info including a glossary of sailing terms (link)
  3. 2005-08 RRS Rules Quizzes - Test your knowledge and understanding of the 2005-08 Racing Rules of Sailing with these Rules Quizzes. No.1 - Answer
  4. All about Team racing rules with PowerPoint presentations (link)

I try to work on this list at least once a week, so please check back now and then. And if you are preparing for the IJ-examination try to contact the other candidates and start a study-group. It was a great help in my preparations. I’ve passed the exam and ISAF approved my application in November 2005. And don’t hesitate to E-mail if you have questions.

All files have been found searching the Internet, have been submitted by the authors, or have been written by myself. If someone does not agree on the use of his or her material on this site, please send an E-mail to and I will promptly remove the file.

Good luck in your studies,
In case you are wondering why there are 'older' posts then this FIRST POST, the explanation is simple: I parked some permanent pages with information or link-lists before this one. You can mostly reach them with a link on the home page. Or they are TEST posts, to be used as archive or backup. Sometimes it is easier to copy - paste from a post, with the HTML-code already written, then start again from scratch.....



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