Sunday, 25 November 2007


When I started out as a draftsman - I work at an architectural firm - we used to draw on boards with big rulers with pencils and rötring pens. You know, those wriggly building plans. On that board we also used a lot of templates for lettering and fixed symbols. I had a bag full of those in my cabinet.
Nowadays we draw only on the computer. Chasing a pointer on a 22 inch screen all day long. In the picture you'll find a credit card sized template for drawing protest diagrams. Complete with different sizes of boats, wind- and current direction arrow, marks and scales for circles. This one I haven't used yet, as I just bought it, but am eager to try out. Perhaps I'm a bit nostalgic?

Update: You can buy this template from John Doerr (download a page with his Retail Items here)
Update: 2011/02/25 No longer available (Link removed)


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