Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kiel; Prestart

I'm off to Kiel tomorrow, for ten days of Olympic Umpiring and International Sailing (Jury).

The Jury gets bigger and bigger every year. Last count was 30 members, including the 10 umpires for Match Racing in the Elliot 6 for Woman.
Because this is now part of the World Cup, only a select few are 'allowed' to be the chairperson or chief umpire at these events. ISAF at its smallest - in my opinion. A trend I do not think is a good idea. It will create a select few within the Judges and Umpires group, who will go to the top events.
I understand the reason why it is done, but would support a better education and training program by ISAF for all, in favor of this direction......
But enough about politics. Lets get back to the sailing.

I hope to post some calls from the umpiring I will do in Kiel and perhaps illustrate an interesting protest or two.
Watch This Space


  1. It would also be interesting to know how many of the Jury are NJs/NUs on their way to becoming International Race Officials. If these candidates (of which I will admit to being one) cannot get to the big events how will they gain the experience?

    To be fair, my, very limited, experience of Kiel leads me to believe that they are quite good at doing this.


  2. Kiel ( and it's smaller brother, Phingstbusch) are indeed very good for young NJ's and NU's to learn the ropes.
    This year there are a few in the umpire team and quite a lot in the Rule 42-team. But with the WC-pressure there has been a decline in numbers.


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