Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Blogger troubles

Due to a glitch in software I've been unable to post for some time. Hopefully normal posting will resume from now on. I've uploaded the missing (pillow)Cases for a start.

Then there's this strange incident from last weekend (Mayday Match):
Blue - trailing boat - misjudges her turn and hits the mark. She bears of and while getting control of her boat sailes a couple of lengths downwind. (It was blowing force 5 during this match) She gybes, luffs and returns to the mark to round it properly.
Here's the diagram:

My question to you: has Blue taken her penalty?
Please give me your opinion with a reason why.


  1. Yes.
    At position 3 she has 'crossed the line' and is now on an upwind leg. Her penalty is to gybe and luff to a close hauled course while remaining outside the zone.
    However if she was not adjudged by the umpires to be on the upwind leg then she does not complete the penalty as the tack was in the zone.
    She does this.

  2. So many blue boats, so little time.

  3. Looks like a complete penalty to me.
    The tack and gybe were reasonably prompt, and the delayed gybe did not give Blue any advantage so there is no reason to question if it was sufficiently prompt to meet the spirit of the rules.
    Maybe Blue didn't clear the mark before starting the turn, as Case 108 implies is required, but I don't see this requirement in the actual rules.

  4. Blue tacked and gybed after hitting mark, then she took her penalty.
    Now I am at Singapore National Sailing Centre. The Optimist Open Championship will continue until Saturday for five days.
    Here is unimaginable hot and high humid. I am absolutely done in.
    Sen Yamaoka

  5. Did she get 'well clear of other boats'?

  6. Sorry, you wrote 'trailing boat' - then she is clear.
    Then I think that she has completed her penalty.

  7. I think she has completed the penalty. Because of the side of the mark she hit she was on an upwind leg. The gybe and move to an upwind course outside the zone is enough.

    Mike B

  8. It look like she did a penality and rerounded at thesame time.

  9. Well we can't see the previous mark so we can't really draw the extension, C7.2(c), unless we assume that the RC did a good job of setting the windward mark. Well of course they always do[;-)], so Blue crossed the extension at position 3 and is on the upwind leg. Therefore since she completed a gybe and came to a close hauled course outside the zone[C7.3(b)], she has done her penalty. [C7.2(a)(1)]

  10. I agree with Anonymous and Anonymous

  11. Oops. I missed the fact that this was match race (along with Andrew and Sen I think). Mike B makes sense as usual.


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