Monday, 28 June 2010

(pillow)Case of the Week (26) – 89;

(This is an instalment in a series of blogposts about the ISAF Call book 2009-2012 with amendments for 2010. All calls are official interpretations by the ISAF committees on how the Racing Rules of Sailing should be used or interpreted. The calls are copied from the Call book, only the comments are written by me.)


Case 89

Rule 43.1(a), Competitor Clothing and Equipment
A competitor may not wear or otherwise attach to his person a beverage container.
Does rule 43.1(a) permit a competitor to wear or otherwise attach to his person a beverage container while racing

No. Except on a sailboard, there is no necessity for such a practice, and therefore its primary purpose must be considered to be to increase the competitor’s weight. (Note that rule B2.1(b) modifies rule 43.1(a) for windsurfing competition.

ISAF 1997/1


I could easily imagine that there are several dinghy’s – specially with a one person crew – who’d love to have this rule eased for them. I must be difficult to stow something, in say, a laser…

Tillerman, how do you do that in yours?


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  1. Beverage containers - water bottles - can be attached to the mast below the gooseneck and above the deck so the rotation of the mast is not affected.

    Of course, when I had feet and a Laser, I was also a chain smoker, so had an inspection port (with an internal bag) in the aft deck. There was room for a water bottle there as well as for cigarettes and lighter.


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