Thursday, 17 May 2012

Kitesurf Rules! Appendix BB explained

For kiteboarding there is a separate appendix, just like for surfing, match racing and team racing. Since kiteboarding has been developing pretty rapidly in the last years, the rules also have been updated and brought into line with the 'normal'  racing rules of sailing.

The current Appendix BB has been changed on January 4th 2012. That is the version we are using here at the Worldcup in Scheveningen.

To determine 'Clear Ahead, Clear Astern and Overlap' the kite does count!

 The picture suggests that boards have to avoid the kite, but the distance between rider and kite is about 33 meters. And kiteboarders can control the height above the water pretty accurately, so usually one is just going over or under the other.

In order to get more speed the riders want to keep the kite lower rather then higher. Flying over an opponent is quite normal. And bringing your kite up to prevent the windward kite from passing is not changing direction and therefor not limited by rule 16! You can effectually prevent someone of passing you.

Oooh, in case you are wondering, looping is done when you are sailing downwind. In order to get more power the kite is turned clockwise or counterclockwise fast. That generates more flow and thus more power.

Download the complete rules on the ISAF Website:
Appendix BB Experimental Kiteboarding Competition Rules

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  1. Dear Jos;
    Thank you for your posting about the Kiteboarding rules.
    The illustration is the best to understand the novel rules.
    I expect a sequel.
    Sen/ Japan


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