Friday, 4 May 2012

Invitation Sneekweek for Sailors

Invitation to come to the Sneekweek 2012

The Royal Sailingclub Sneek (KWS) has organized this special event for the past 77 years. It will take place in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland. This year, the event will be held from August 4 till August 9th. The Sneekweek is Europe’s biggest inshore sailing regatta. The most important thing for many people however, is the intimate and hugely enjoyable atmosphere for which we are famous! Participants compete in 40 different classes. Vaurien, Yngling, Optimist, Finn, 2.4mR, Laser and Splash among others, are loyal repeat participants.
You can compare the Sneekweek to the Travemünder Woche or Kieler Woche, only more personal.

Fancy a sail in a unique atmosphere?
Come visit our biggest inshore European sailing regatta; The Sneekweek!
The opening ceremony
The opening ceremony will take place in the centre of Sneek on Friday 3 August at 10pm. The event will be kicked off with a traditional “vlootschouw”. Forty boats represent each class and will be accompanied by classical boats and music. This ceremony will end around midnight with huge fireworks.

The races
The next day, the race committee will mark out courses using 15-20 buoys, spread over different connecting lakes. The audience come in large numbers to the Start Island and will take care of a good atmosphere. The Sneekweek is a challenging, professional, but most of all, very unique and down-to-earth event!

After the races
When the races are over the party begins! During the Sneekweek the city of Sneek is dazzling more than ever before. In the heart of Sneek you will be entertained by lots of different bands and you can visit the local fun fair. Even the Start Island rocks with music night and day in a huge partytent.

The Olympic Games will be broadcast LIVE !!

Why would the Sneekweek be interesting for you?
  • Sailing in a unique atmosphere.
  • A campsite near the boats on the island arranged by the KWS.
  • A hotel for you if you prefer a little more luxury. And transportation between your hotel and the event while leaving your boat on the island.
  • Free transport to the island by boat.
  • Free access to the final party.
  • Free access to the ‘Poieszboat’, it will bring you from the island to the supermarket.
Have a look at our website for more information.

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  1. I really wish I could go - there will be Vauriens. I own a Vaurien and in the English speaking sailing world they are not well known. But any French sailor will know them and probably remember his or her first one nostalgically. The name translates literally as "worth nothing" but a better translations is "rascal" and is named after a dog. It is an early Herbulot design. Mine is GRP but the early ones were plywood.


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