Wednesday, 23 May 2012

National Doping regulations and rule 5

In the Netherlands we have - whatever you might think - a strict anti doping regulation in sports. Including in the sport of sailing. Most jury members will think first off, this already covered in the fundamental rules, particularly in rule 5, the Anti-Doping rule.

Recently however, our national doping agency has been investigating sports in our country, on compliance with the rules. Specifically the rules about their authority to inspect during an event.
Our MNA (Watersportverbond) has been made aware that most events do NOT comply with their rules.

In the Notice of Race and in the Sailing Instructions, the NATIONAL Anti- Doping regulations have to be declared as a governing document. In that regulation the way inspections are conducted are described and how competitors should act and what rights they have.
Our MNA has now amended all championship NOR and SI to comply. And make a room (toilet is enough) available for the Doping Authority during events.

You can find the Dutch regulations here: Nationaal Dopingreglement_2011
All competitors; helm and crews, have to adhere to it.

What about your country?
Do you have a anti-doping regulation on top of rule 5?


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