Wednesday, 16 May 2012

O'Neill 2012 Worldcup Kite Boarding

I'm currently at the O'Neill 2012 Worldcup Kite Boarding event in The Hague as chairman of the PC.

Since kite-boarding has been part of the ISAF 'Family' there has to be at least one IJ at high level events.When I was invited I told the organizers that I knew nothing about kite-boarding and the rules involved.That was not a problem, they told me, the other judges would be knowledgeable. If I could be the chairman and help them with procedural issues.
I agreed and promised to study up on Appendix BB (recently changed on 4 January 2012).

I've been watching the freestyle competition and learned a couple new things.

Did you know:

- There are no metal or carbon parts stiffening a kite? It is all done by pumping air into tubes running along the front of a kite and as spokes in the wing.

- That the board has no stern? Both ends are the same and are alternately used as front or back.

- That there are four fins under a board? A pair on both ends, i.e. in all four corners.

- That the kite is controlled by three lines? One in the middle splitting out in the two going to the front of the wing, splitting out in four each divided along the length. It connects through the bar to the harness of the sailor. The two in the back going to each end of the bar the sailor handles. If he pulls the bar straight down along the center line, both back-lines are pulled and the kite-shape changes. The wing is pulled down in the back. If he pulls left or right, only one end is pulled and the kite changes direction.

- That a kite doesn't 'tack'. When changing from SB to P the kite is looped up and down the other side and the board starts sailing the other way. (I have to ask about this - tacking is still in App. BB)

We have not been racing yet - only freestyle. The wind direction is not suited for racing- being on shore at almost at a right angle. But nice and strong for jumping - which freestyle basically is.

I'm learning......


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