Sunday 14 June 2009

Regular programming will resume

Dear Blogreaders,
Please be patient with me a few days longer. I've had some issues (mentally and physically) to resolve, but hope to resume "regular" programming shortly.

I'll leave you with a quote from R. Heinlein:
" The two highest achievements of the human mind are the twin concepts of “loyalty” and “duty.” Whenever these twin concepts fall into disrepute – get out of there fast! You may possible save yourself, but it is too late to save that society. It is doomed. "



  1. Jos,

    Good to see you back on deck. We were beginning to worry.

    We all understand the terrific effort you put in to LTW and appreciate it greatly.

    Hope things turn out well for you.

  2. :-) hi Jo,

    Nice to hear from you. i was worried. hope all your problems do get solved thhe way you want of luck. take care.
    cheers, nilma

  3. Hope you are well soon. Don't worry about the blog. Many of us enjoy reading your material but taking care of yourself should be your #1 priority.

  4. Thank you all for your support. I hope to be back on deck soon.


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