Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Apparant Wind: The RRS in 7 stages

A very incite full post on a fairly new sailing blog was posted yesterday, which I think every PC-member and Judge should read:

A short quote:
"Stage 5 "We need a team lawyer!
Our developing sailor has a decent grasp of the rules but now realizes that the facts according to the protestor are frequently different than the facts according to the protestee. Kids realize that they need to clearly explain themselves and present a coherent version of the incident. Being able to cite the appropriate rules also wins points in convincing a protest committee that one knows what he’s talking about. In the early part of this stage, the focus is on writing up the protest, which becomes a team effort with the best lawyer on the team helping the others. Toward the end of this stage a wonderful thing happens – the sailors start to clarify things with each other on the water! They talk about the overlap several boat lengths before the zone, and they negotiate luffing with statements like “you have to give me room to go up.”

Some of it I recognize straight away, some of it is something I will in future pay attention to.

You can read the whole post: Learning to Embrace the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)
I've added Apparent Wind to my Bloglist.


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